Patient testimonials

VIRGINIE G. 29 YEARS OLD Vet assistant operated on 13/04/2011

“The reception and follow-up care are great and professional whether from the surgeon, secretaries or assistants. I was short-sighted and my vision was -9.5 and -10. I had been wearing contact lenses for 15 years, and glasses for nearly 20 years. Not wearing them any more means a new life to me. Now I can practise activities I could not do before. The operation is painless. Both assistants and surgeon put me at ease, they always answered all my questions. If I had to do it again, I would do it without hesitation. Many thanks to the team.”

ANTONIO 46 YEARS OLD TECHNICIAN operated on 25/03/2011

“Rediscovering the joys of gardening, DIY activities, being in the rain without worrying about my glasses. Working without thinking about the drops of sweat or condensation covering my glasses. Clear and quality explanations before the operation. Excellent care on the day of the operation, attentive team. Perfect post-operative follow-up.
I recommend this “operation” to all the persons concerned.”

THIERRY F. 53 YEARS OLD Supervisor operated on 11/02/2011

“Attentive, very professional team.
Perfect vision and highly appreciated quality of life without glasses so that I can really manage my activities.
Top reception and follow-up care.”

Céline N. 36 years old Saleswoman operated on 20/01/2011

“It’s magical – as soon as I wake up, I don’t need to wear contact lenses or glasses. Just before the operation, the anxiety was mounting since this operation might not be totally harmless, and there is no such thing as zero risk. However, I am very pleased to have finally taken the plunge and dared to do it. The team were competent and attentive with their patients. Perfect follow-up care. Many thanks to the team.”

Frédéric B. 25 years old Salesman operated on 9/12/2010

“Since 9 December 2010, I have started a new life. Now everything is easier – beyond all my expectations. All my thanks to the clinic and the medical practice team. Nothing more to add – everything was perfect…”

François B. 25 years old Insurance agent operated on 21/05/2010

“I am really satisfied with the operation in this vision centre. It is great pleasure to enjoy good vision and comfortable daily life, above all during my sporting activities (running race, marathon, windsurfing, golf,…).”