i-LASIK® Procedure

Now, thanks to numerous latest advanced technologies, the 100% laser solution provides an effective alternative option to glasses and contact lenses in order to correct the main defects of the vision.
Operations are not only more effective and safe, but they also permit more diversified and completely personalised treatments.

Why refractive surgery?

In order to get a clear vision, light rays should enter the eye and focus on the retina (normal eye). If light rays do not focus properly at retina level, the image is blurred, and this is called a refractive error. Glasses, contact lenses and refractive surgery are designed to correct the refractive errors by allowing light rays to focus as near as possible the retina.
So, refractive surgery can correct visual problems including myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia, in some cases, once and for all.

L'i-LASIK®: Extremely accurate and absolutely safe

At the moment, i-LASIK® is the most effective 100% laser, and truly customized vision correction procedure.

Vision Plus Santé platform combines Femtoseconde IntraLase®60 laser and Excimer VisXS4IR® laser. The latter is associated with an instrument called the aberrometer that measures the eye’s imperfections. The information provided is laser transferred and therefore allows an extremely accurate, safe treatment.

• Femtoseconde Intralase® 60 Laser

This is not a treatment laser, but a laser that replaces the metal microkeratome blade traditionally used during surgery. This technology involves making superficial cuts into the cornea thus delivering unmatched degree of accuracy, reliability and safety.

• Excimer VisXS4IR® Laser

VisXS4IR® laser was developed in the United States and is now CE approved for presbyopia treatments.
Presbylasik procedure is validated for patients suffering from hyperopia, and depends on the degree of the refractive problem, the age, and the specific characteristics of the eye that could have been diagnosed during the ophthalmologic examination.

• Aberrometer

The WaveScan® technology of this instrument detects and measures the unique imperfections of the eye twenty-five times as accurate as ordinary devices used in vision examinations.

This equipment represents the latest technology, and one of refractive surgery options which have been approved by NASA astronauts.